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Roof Tile in Lamont, IA

A typical shingle-composite roof costs less, but is likely to need replacing every ten to fifteen years. On the other hand, roofing tiles made from kiln-fired clay or ceramic can last up to a century. Although quality materials such as Mediterranean roof tile in Lamont, IA or clay roofing tile can cost substantially more, they can easy pay for themselves in terms of durability. roof tile in Lamont, IA. Roof tiles are actually a more economical choice in the long run, and can serve as the crowning touch for an upscale home as well.

The Natural Choice

If you are the owner of a custom-built luxury home, you have no doubt spent a great deal on materials. Roof tiles are therefore not the place to skimp. Clay roof tile in Lamont, IAs have been the choice of craftsmen for centuries; in fact, there is Mediterranean roof tile in Lamont, IA dating from the time of the Roman empire that are still used today, two thousand years later.

Roofing tiles can give your home a very distinctive look as well as add to its value. Good quality clay roof tile in Lamont, IAs will also last for decades with only occasional light maintenance. In addition to clay roofing tile, there is ceramic and slate, both of which provide strength and durability while adding beauty and charm to any upscale luxury residence.


While most people associate ceramic with fine, delicate china, the fact is that this material is incredibly tough as well as attractive. Keep in mind that many fine bathroom and kitchen fixtures are made from this material, as well as high-end brake linings. Fine Mediterranean roof tile in Lamont, IA was the material of choice for wealthy Romans on the Palantine Hill at the height of the Empire, and this material is still common in that region of the world.

An Excellent Investment

The choice of roof tile in Lamont, IAs made from clay, ceramic or slate is sensible investment in your valuable home. You may save money today by installing inexpensive composite singles, but you will pay extra up the road when it comes time to replace it. On the other hand, spending the extra money for high-quality fired-clay or ceramic roofing tiles is an expense you won't have to deal with again in your lifetime. Check out the selection of alternative roofing materials before your build or renovate - you may be pleasantly surprised.

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