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                        LUCKY DRAGON TECHNOLOGY PCB&PCBA One-Stop Service

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                      PCB Assembly

                      The company offers a one-stop solution from parts to PCBA. At present, the company has 4 Samsung series automatic patch lines a+ounting capability and an industrial board wave soldering capability. Provides the fastest delivery service for 12 hours. The company introduced an advanced automatic first-piece inspection system to protect the quality;

                      Maximum daily production capacity: SMT * 6 million DIP * 400,000 TEST * 5K (calculated by tablet products) The company has a management team with decades of industry experience, and is committed to building a leading high-precision PCBA in Shenzhen and even the whole country Manufacturer.

                      PCB Assembly Needs To Provide Information:

                      1. Complete SMT files (Gerber files, bit number maps, coordinate files, steel mesh files) and special requirements for SMT processing;

                      2. Complete BOM files(including model, bit number, package, description, usage, etc.);

                      PS: The functional test fee is required, and the functional test method is required.

                      Processing Capacity

                      There are 4 SMT patch production lines, equipped with Japanese YAMAHA automatic patch line, automatic solder paste printing machine, eight temperature zone and ten temperature zone reflow oven, AOI, first piece machine and other high-end equipment, and the chip production capacity is 6 million welding. Point/day, the maximum production capacity of the wave soldering processing day is 500,000 points. With mounting 01005 and 0.40MM pitch BGA placement capability and computer motherboard wave soldering capabilities.

                      SMT capacity

                      6 million solder joints / day

                      SMT production line

                      4 patch lines, 1 wave soldering

                      Throwing rate

                      0.3% of resistance class (0201, 0402: 0.5%, excluding large parts)

                      IC class: no throwing

                      Board type

                      ordinary circuit board, FPC board, rigid-flex board

                      SMD Component Spec.

                      Min component

                      01005 Chip/0.4 Pitch BGA

                      Min component accuracy


                      Precision of IC type patch


                      Patch PCB Spec.

                      PCB Size

                      50*50mm - 774*710mm

                      PCB Thickness


                      SMT Processes


                      Processing Equipment

                      PCBA Products


                      Lucky Dragon Technology(SZ) Co.,LTD

                      4F, JinXin Building, No 326, LiuTang Road, Xin an Sub-District Bao an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518100

                      TEL: (86) 755 23074100 

                      Email: Sales@Ldtac.com

                      Copyright: Lucky Dragon Technology(SZ) Co.,LTD All right reserved  4F, JinXin Building, No 326, LiuTang Road, Xin an Sub-District Bao an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518100
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