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                        LUCKY DRAGON TECHNOLOGY PCB&PCBA One-Stop Service

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                      Company profile

                      LUCKY DRAGON TECHNOLOGY is subsidiary of LUCKY DRAGON TECHNOLOGY GROUP(HK) CO.,LIMITED. We reinforced our capabilities to provide one-stop shop services with Hardware design,High-frequency PCB design, PCB fabrication, components sourcing, SMT assembly, Testing etc. 

                      We commit ourselves to provide the first class product and service for you!

                      The company has an energetic, experienced and well-trained technical team and management team,Design Development have the capability for ID design, MD design, Hardware design and software program development.  Possesses advanced production and test equipment of circuit board and SMT products; We adopt the advanced production technologies and scientific management to continuously develop our business in the global market.

                      PCB: We have rich experience in speed production of 2~26 layers precise circuit boards and imported multi-layer board production equipments to establish high efficiency and speed production system. Dual-Layer board can be finished within 12 hours and 4~8 layers board can be finished within 48hours.

                       SMT: Import full SMT lines for single or double sided assemblies and establish precise SMT factory. We can assemble minimum size components such as 01005, 0201 and high-precise BGA.

                      One-stop manufacturing and processing service for PCB and SMT service shall greatly accelerate the development process of projects and help the clients to occupy the market quickly.

                      “We think what you think”. On the basis of client’s benefit, we establish good cooperative relationship with our clients through the high efficiency quality system and service system!

                      At present our clients are mainly in these fields such as electronic technology development, communication, electronics,medical equipment,industrial control,scientific and educational institutions; our products are well sold in European and American regions. We mainly engage in the development and production of eco-friendly and ultra-small wide-space boards such as high TG, HDI, high frequency,Metallic base/Core, Plane resistance and mixed media.

                       The Company inherits ISO9001-2000 international quality management system and all employees are required to learn the latest technologies to improve the product quality and meet the clients requirements better.

                      LUCKY DRAGON TECHNOLOGY strives to become your most trusted supplier for PCB and PCB assemblies. We are ready to provide you with high-value-added products and services.Inquire today!

                      Lucky Dragon Technology(SZ) Co.,LTD

                      4F, JinXin Building, No 326, LiuTang Road, Xin an Sub-District Bao an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518100

                      TEL: (86) 755 23074100 

                      Email: Sales@Ldtac.com

                      Copyright: Lucky Dragon Technology(SZ) Co.,LTD All right reserved  4F, JinXin Building, No 326, LiuTang Road, Xin an Sub-District Bao an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518100
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